Podcast Anniversery Flight @ KDEN - [CLOSED]

I can’t wait. I set my alarm

Lol me too. I’m getting up bright and early ;)

We still have many open gates!!! Come on guys don’t be shy, this shouldn’t mess up the FNF’s flight since that is in the evening and this is the early afternoon in Zulu time. Just hop down and greet Jason himself with your aircraft ;)

Count me in! Its today right?

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Can I join too? Whichever gate you like

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GATE B22 iwill be

Cancel my gate, I’m busy. :(

Awe that’s sad :/

I have you in!!! Please spawn in 25 minutes

Put me at B23 please

I have you in Gate B23 spawn in less then 25 minutes with pushback at the latest in 30 minutes

I’ll switch you ad MarLatiSpotter

OK then:)))

Remember guys we are spawning in less then twenty minutes!!! Pushback is at max in thirty minutes. I hope everyone is ready :)
Yes there will be two of these flights…one with FNF and one with this but this one I organized and Jason is a part of (if he is still here lol) so let’s get all rambunctious and awesome out there! Remember to catch the end of the red triangle at 11,000 feet. KASE is way high in the mountains so as this may seem really high it’s only like 3,200 feet above the airport

Also remember, to avoid mountains the approach into KASE has to look something like this

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lol I’m so excited I’m gonna spawn in now

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I will be spawning way ahead of everyone. So once there if you all could copy my FLP and then we shouldn’t have to many problems. If in doubt, you can always watch HOP7 since he knows this flight well

Lol okay bud haha you do that ;)

Opening KDEN tower for you guys in just a little bit. Few minutes. ;)


I love this controller haha!!! Thanks man I so appreciate it

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