Podcast Anniversery Flight @ KDEN - [CLOSED]

I switched up the gate names guys so please pay attention to that. (Edit Reason: The gates were assembled oddly and I hadn’t accounted for the correct numbers. So it’s Gates A24…etc)

Does the 787 require ‘heavy’ in the callsign?

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Um I would say yes but I’m not sure. (Are you able to join) 😅

Proudly announcing…Jason has agreed to participate in this Anniversery flight in memory of his FlightCast!!! How awesome is that of him??? With the head of the podcast in this has reached a feverish height in my respective opinion 😊

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why does Concourse B have less gates?

Please remember this people.

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I’m excited! I’ll be coming in a Frontier A318!

I put that into the aircraft memo. Thank you for reminding me I completely overlooked that part

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And Concourse B has less gates because I don’t have enough people to even use Concourse B yet lol. I want like 10-15 people at Concourse A before I shift gears to the other concourses. So if you come and bring some guys ;) we can always expand

Misha Camp is coming as well :)

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I can fly and I would like gate a32

I’d love to come but can’t!

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If u want 32 I’ll take 33

Count me in please.

Ill be A32

Lol I can’t out you all in A32 ;) lol so I’ll spread you guys out

Because of certain barriers…after I out your name in the gate assignment, I may replace the “@” and out just your name. So you are still definitely in your gate assignments and your name is there just not your tag symbol. I’m only tagging new people so they can see they are in and then I remove the tag. I hope you guys understand

I’ll be there, guys. Thanks for doing this! Very cool.


My absolute pleasure! The least I can do for my hero the greatest podcast speaker ever…I mean think about it! A podcast devoted to a flight sim??? Such ingenuity

i will be coming tomorrow ill take any gate