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Hey guys,
I want to start making videos on youtube about infinite flight. I want to make mine similar to pocketrishi’s infinite flight videos but he is now inactive and I have no idea how to make them. Does anyone know how to make a video similar to the way rishi used to make them?


maybe pm @PocketRishi

but I’m pretty sure you need some video editing software on pc to do it, but idk


Hey! If youre wondering about the blue globe thing and such, its from imovie on mac. Apart from that, everything else with my videos is editing. After making a few videos of your own, you will have a really good indication of your personal editing style and hopefully it sets you apart as a IF youtuber! if you have any other questions please lemme know


I was wondering how/what app you use for the key burns in some of your videos. I can’t figure out how to do it in Imovie (or do you just use free camera)?

Oh I do use imovie on the mac for the key burns with a mix of free cam (depends on the shot). Key burns are also available on the imovie for ios but its far harder to use.

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Thanks, it’s probably just my old Ipad which doesn’t have the same features as some new or better devices.

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Well, one way that I did this is adding white flashes every now and then in some of my videos.

Another way is getting different shots of the plane before starting your flight time lapse (or as I call them, “flightlapse” :)

If you check out some of my new videos, you will see what I mean (not advertising, just trying to help)

What is the name of your YouTube channel? I’d like to subscribe, and maybe offer mentorship if you would like it.


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