PNG File issue

This image here (which is part of an event thread I’m making) was supposed to be a PNG, but was randomly converted into a JPG file no matter how many times I’ve tried to reupolad. I have uploaded a PNG file beforehand, but it seems I cannot upload anymore files of that type, even though others have managed to upload many PNG files into their threads.

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I’m on an iPhone currently. Tried the iPad to but to no avail

Hmm… did you try to do a reset?

I’m not sure it’s device related but more towards the forum itself

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It’s perfectly acceptable to not respond if you don’t have information that will help. As a Regular it’s expected that you set that example. Thanks!


From my understanding, there is a discourse setting for png to jpg quality. If this is set to 100, uploaded .png files will not be converted to .jpg, however, you run the risk of enormous .png files being uploaded. Otherwise, .png images are downscaled and converted to .jpg. Feel free to correct if I made a mistake.


U can save as a JPG when uploading, I think all the pictures on the forum is converted to jpg.

Have you tried uploading from a pc or a tablet. It also can be your browser

I don’t think I’ve tried desktop yet.

So I have to lower the size of them?

I believe an image of any size will be scaled down by the same scale factor. I’m not 100% sure though since we don’t know the setting for this discourse.

Oh! It just worked when I lowered the file size! Thanks for the idea @Bobby

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Good stuff! Glad to hear. :)

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Has happened to me before. Dunno how to fix it

Lower the resolution of the picture

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