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Recently on expert server i had this guy follow me from McCarran to LA without ATC and he kinda ruined the experience for me…and there was a next instance when someone did this and i think it was @United2 who reported. My point is i think it would be nice to have an option to message pilots within a certain range. Just like how u tap on their name in the map to see their info…their can be an option to message them. Of course there should be rules like no profanity or certain amount of messages in a time to prevent spam. This could be nice for me as i am trolled a lot especially when i fly training and casual. A great example is when they spawn on u. Sometimes people will change their callsign and tell u leave now they can message with this feature

I’m gonna say that I don’t think this will ever be implemented. The reason is that people might not be active and see the message for a long time or people might spam. Will you say there should be a rule no spamming I can see it being spammed on CS.

Now this could be helpful but only if the person is active and there are rules that are enforced very well.

So unless we get certain mods or something to deal with this more than likely it won’t be implemented.


Well as i said there can be a cooldown (certain amount of messages that u can send within a time limit) and about people being afk not everyone does that

Well even with a cooldown. What if all the pilots in CS started messaging people? That could result in the server crashing daily.

If pilots have their IFC linked to their account, this isn’t needed. You can just type in someones IFC username and PM them. Now keep in mind that some people don’t do this and thus have no username connected, then that get’s hard

And another thing is not everyone has an IFC account.

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Thats what i was thinking

I love this idea. Yesterday I was flying for Vegas to Austin when this 77F supposed to go to Miami. Changed his flight plan to follow me. I think it was the same guy

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I’ve got mixed feelings about this one… Yes, I agree it would be very useful to be able to PM pilots who aren’t on the IFC, however I feel that this would be abused a lot…

This feature is really similar to In Game Chat and “Fingers” : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom


I searched for messages thats why i didnt see that

This is a good idea. It would allow for people to chat in game without being limited to just ATC features. I think it could be just specific to each server, so that way casual people could talk to casual people, and expert could talk to expert. Especially if people don’t have another device to get on IFC and PM them there. Plus, a lot of pilots don’t have their IFC linked for any reason, so that way there is a surefire way to chat.

Edit: When I was (mindlessly) on RFS, they had the same thing, except it was just one big chat for all servers, and no one spammed it at all. The only thing I didn’t use it for was that 90% of the time everyone spoke Spanish or Russian. So if it works on RFS, it will most likely work in IF.

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I understand, there are a lot of ways to describe the same thing so some terms slip your mind 🙂


Yes this is my problem i have another device with IFC but i mainly use it for school

Not a bad idea however this can relate how developers said once on a stream on YouTube of how like doing messages in ATC by voice or message can sometimes lead to arguments or so and this can relate to a PM’ing pilots thing through infinite flight. Of course rules would have to be strictly enforced by you can just always PM the pilot here on IFC if they’re account is linked.

Is this kind of what you are thinking?

I do agree, a way to talk with other pilots when ATC is not available would be helpful especially when approaching an airport and coordination is needed.


Right this is why i said there should be rules like no profanity etc…

Tbh, after looking through that request, it’s not that similar. On this one, I’m getting that it’s for the whole map, not a certain range like on the other request.

Okay, I understand. Although, why would you need to message someone outside of a set range? If I am departing from Atlanta why would I need to message someone landing in Dubai?

or am I missing something…

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Dont overthink it :)

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