PM this controller:


What is this controller’s community account?


@Heavydriver I guess this is him … You got ghosted ??


No, just had a bad experience with his controlling


Please use a PM to communicate your displeasure with a Controllers actions.
Controllers ID is prominently displayed in the airfield data block. Max Sends


But only his display name, I wasn’t sure if he had the same account name on the community


I guess all advance ATC are in the forum since they at once had to contact a recruiter to become an ATC. Unless they abandoned they account


If the display name does not appear in the in the PM address block PM any Moderator or Advanced Controller for assistance. Cheers, Max Sends


Well the subject of them being picked and having to come on here to contact one of the recruiters goes under they abanded they accounts :)


I’ve been around since the inception of ATC so no I’m not new… what was your callsign and aircraft type?


Continue on PM if you have not already. Thanks