PM notification light

Good evening so I am in a group PM but when I check it the green light stays and does it go away and I do not have any older notifications that are unread please help it’s kinda annoying

Here is a picture

Device: IPhone 12 Pro
Operating system: IOS 16.1.1

That one chat you and i were in by Butter575 deleted and you must’ve not read all messages like i did so it stays as unread.

I got the same thing, just give it some time to go away

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Problem is I’ve had them for 2 weeks now

Idk then, perhaps the higher powers on this site have a way to manually remove it or something

What happens when you press the message button from the quick menu? Usually, unread PMs will appear on top of the list.

Nothing appears it just stays like that and I oooled through old notifications and it did not do anything

Try signing out/back in.
If that doesn’t help, you may need to clear the browser cache.

This platform is not built for these mass PM’s that survives 1-2 days some of you are engaged in so issues like these are unfortunately bound to happen.

Ok thanks how do I clear my cache?

That depends on which browser you’re using.
Simplest would probably be to just Google it. “How to clear cache on [insert browser name]” :)

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Ok thanks for the Info.

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i have that too, ive just dealed with it

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that doesnt work, my account get signed out all of the time

Yeah it does Not work I just tried it and it is still the same.

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That’s unfortunate.
I’ve been able to reproduce the issue so I’ll reach out to Discourse.

Thanks so much.

it has been fixed.

Yes. Weird thing is they didn’t do anything. Having them check @MR.FOXY09 now.

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That is weird. It pretty much took all my history away and left me with the chat only.
Edit: the history is back now.

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