Pluna (Uruguay) CRJ-900

PLUNA or PLUNA Líneas Aéreas Uruguayas was Uruguay’s flag carrier from 1936 to 2012, when it filed for bankruptcy. Its two main hubs were Carrasco International Aiport (SUMU) and Laguna del Sauce (SULS).

Before going under, PLUNA operated a lot of aircraft, such as the DC-3, DC-10, B752 and lastly, the CRJ-900s.

PLUNA operated a grand total of 13 CRJ-900s with several colour schemes (red, orange, dark blue, purple, green etc…).

At the time of its closure, the airline flew their CRJ-900s to Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Paraguay.

I’d like to get this livery for the CRJ-900 since it would open new routes from Montevideo to many airports in South America. Plus, the liveries are very colourful!

Link to the image (PLUNA’s Spanish Wikipedia page):

You have my vote

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Same thing I said about Amaszonas applies here

Clearing up a vote

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Clearing a vote for this

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That livery is incredible! I really love that one bird on the tail. It almost reminds me of the old Nordica livery. Anyways, I’d love to see this in game!

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Not only the livery has a bird in the enpennage, but the livery pattern is composed of several dark blue and white birds intertwined together. It does seem similar to the Nordica livery.

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These are the flights that Pluna operated with the CRJPLUNAMap

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What does this translate to, Lagoon of Sauce?

Must admit this is a pretty livery

It probably translates like you what you wrote.

It would certainly open several regional routes in South America.

Vote guys! So we can get PLUNA in IF!

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The livery looks like the Nordica livery on the 700

The Nordica on the 700 is neat, and so is this livery.

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Bumping this livery, since it would futher diversify IF’s fleet and add another country from which to fly.

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