Pls wait for for taxi clearance

Good day! I was wondering, when taxi,can You taxi out of the terminal, then ask for clearance, or just ask for taxi before even moving, because I see that planes in real life taxi out of the terminal, THEN ask for clearance, and same thing a comeing to an airport right? (sorry for the bad English)

Before moving at all, you must request pushback. After you are approved for pushback and complete your pushback, you must request taxi, which also requires a clearance.

Failure to request either of these, or taxiing/pushing without permission may result in a ghost (soon to be level 2 violation).

Ok thanks, just making sure that I am doing it right! 😀

Just want to add that if your aircraft is not capable of performing a pushback procedure then simply just request for taxi as pushing back is not possible in that aircraft like a C172 for example. :)

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