[Pls Close, solution found] Should I risk it?

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I just finished up an 8+ hour transatlantic, and I was wondering, since I DID restart my iPad beforehand, and had on low graphic settings, low fps, and low brightness all night, is it safe to risk flying the return flight without ending this one? I wanna do it and I have faith that it might work without crashing…. But if it does crash I will loose the previous 8 flight hours and the ones I gained so far on the return… So, is it safe to continue? Or should I just restart and end the last flight before I move on?

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I would just end the previous flight and start a new one. Unless you feel confident about the return flight, I would just end it and start a new flight.

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Aight Ty (10)

You should be good to carry on with your flight, but to be safe I’d def would restart.

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Thanks for the opinions/advice all.