Pls add these liveries

I was hoping that this liveries was added because I’m deciding that I’m gonna be purchasing the subscription again so here
PAL “The Lovebus” A350 - this livery is such a beautiful design with the lovebus sticker added for me
images (1)
Cebu Pac A330-900NEO - this is also a handsome livery for me it’s mask on its face fits for Cebu Pacific and I think this 2 should be added ❤️

The Cebu Pacific A330-900neo has already been added to the development timeline and is a work in progress.

The PAL ‘LoveBus’ is a special livery that unfortunately falls outside the scope of available requests and therefore cannot be added into the game.

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Wrong link:

This is the correct one:

@AviatorJohnYT given the PAL livery you’ve asked for is considered a “special livery”, a livery request for it isn’t permitted. Plus we already have the PAL A350.

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We have the Philippines A350. I don’t think it’s necessary to add another one with a sticker. Which makes it a “special”, so they won’t add it anyway.

The Cebu Pacific A330neo is already confirmed to be in development.