Plnelovr’s ATC Tracking Thread (Closed) @ KFFZ

Welcome to my ATC Tracking thread! I am working on becoming an IFATC. I have about 700 operations and am looking to improve.

A Few Basic Rules

  • Pattern work allowed unless otherwise noted
  • Please no spamming
  • I would like any feedback you have
  • Have Fun!

I am currently open at KSBA

25,33L,33R are in use

Wind: 250@08kts

Edit: Closed

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Feedback: CREMSODA - SR22

Overall, I think you did a good job, but there are 2 things that you could improve on.

  • You didn’t have to say make left traffic after telling me “cleared for the option” since you had already told me to make left traffic when you gave me takeoff clearance, only use this when switching the pattern direction.

  • I reported that I was on left downwind for a full stop and all you had to reply with was “Roger”, and since you had already cleared me for the option, you didn’t have to re-clear me to land.

That all I noticed before my internet died, hence why I left. If you have any more questions I would be happy to help :)


Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely work in that in the future.

You did amazing!

Thanks, it means a lot

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Have you begun the IFATC testing process?

Not yet, I still need more practice

Any thoughts when you would like to begin? :)

Probably in a few months

Great! Look forward to working with you in a few months!

I can’t wait

I am now open at KRNO

Runways In Use

16R & 16L


Variable @04kts

Feedback is welcome


wth a/p???

Amazing ATC skills! Sorry im a bad pilot :)

It’s all good, thanks for coming

Your welcome! American 529, signing out.

I have switched to PHLI

Runways In Use

03 & 35


Few Clouds at 3,200
Overcast at 4,600

Open for 20 minutes

Open at KSBA


33R,33L, & 25



Edit: Closed