Plen and Earth stopper

Well, Hello IFC, hopefully your day is going well. Just took a quick pic passing Mt.Fuji from yesterdays flight. Enjoy

Route: RKSI to RJAA (Seoul to Narita)
Aircraft: Asiana Airlines A359
Flight Time: 1:31

Do you Like it??
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  • I don’t know tbh

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Anyways, thats it for today, Hopefully you enjoyed it and uh,Tooda Loo

Probably my best yet


We support unicef


Oh Yes we do lol


Here’s the 10th like !
I also did this route when Seoul got 3D ^^
The scenery is truly 🔥

However you wrote two airports in Tokyo « RJTT to RJAA » , you meant RKSI no?

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Oh Yes Lmao Let me fix it, and Thanks I appreciate it

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