Pleeease support S5 Mini!

I have been waiting for the global update for 5 months of my playtime on IF, only to be dissapointed that the S5 Mini isnt supported with Global. I love IF, it is an amazing simulator, great job FDS LLC, but pleeease support the S5 Mini. :)

Kind regards, Renarts.

The problem propably is that your phone doesn’t support the required Open GL version or the RAM requirements.

Sadly FDS won’t be able to do anything about it because it’s about the hardware, I guess.

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Awww ;( That sucks so much ;(

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Your best alternative is to buy a new device that will support Global. Sadly to say as stated above FDS will not be able to support your current device.

Here you can find the minimum device requirements for Global:

Continuing the discussion from Support FAQ:

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