Please WATCH for ATC commands


Please WATCH your device when flying for ATC commands! Do not wait until you HEAR the command to follow it. This is especially important when you’re flying in busy airspace. The command will appear on the top of your screen and the ATC headset will flash yellow when you’re sent a command. There can be a major delay between when the command is sent and when you hear it which can cause conflicts or increase hold times.



I usually fly with sound off anyway, Joseph.

Me too. However, with 33+ inbounds to KSAN today, 95% of people were about 10 seconds behind when responding to instructions.


Yes it is a good thing to point out. When it’s busy the messages really lag unless you turn up TTS speed.

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Great point,i never hear siri,only watching the top bar!

This should really be pinned. Extremely annoying when we want to give you another command, but have to wait 20 seconds to make sure you receive and read back the first one.


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