Please wait, signing in (Fixed)

So I’ve recently tried to sign in but everytime I have tried to. It would just be “Please Wait” and wouldn’t go away for more than 2 minutes. I have tried to sign in on two devices and no sign.

I have tried also
Changing Wifi networks

EDIT LG G6 and Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
Infinite Flight (Latest) The update that just came out

EDIT Fixed!

Firstly, are you using any VPN currently? If you do, turn it off.

And, do you have a fast enough / problems with the internet connection recently?

No, If I was I would say im using a vpn. The internet is powerful and never had an issue. Like I said, I switched Internet networks because that helps.

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Alright, I’m thinking of some kind of a solution.

What type of account are you using currently? (Infinite Flight, Google, Facebook)

Google…(fill thing)

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Alright, have you got any problems in logging into it? Or using it in some way?

No, it’s just a long “please wait”

Yeah, I forgot to mention to your google account, not in Infinite Flight.

Alright, you may also try signing out, exit the app fully and restart your device. If not, this could be an account issue, you may want to check that.

I have already done that. If this an account issue, then what will happen to the data stored?

You have only restarted the device. I recommend signing out and do that. But since you have tried signing in to both devices with the same issue, this would probably not work.

If this is an accounts issue, I’d firstly check if you could log in through the internet first, before doing that in Infinite Flight, in case of any problems found in the account itself.

I really do not have an idea why is this happening but I am trying my best. It’s really hard. I’d recommend waiting for a while and try logging in again. These sorts of issues sort out after a while.

Well, trying all those methods expect for waiting has really gone to no conclusion. All the devices can sign in perfectly fine. Login in through google first, how would it take me to login and after leaving the site displaying “login successful” when nothing happens other then this spinning wheel and “Please Wait”

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I am sorry but unfortunately there isn’t as much I can help with this yet. I had this problem before, did everything I could but it resolved after a good while.