'Please wait for clearance before descending' ATC Command

Similar to the ‘Please wait for clearance before crossing the runway’ and the ‘Please wait for clearance before taxiing’ command on ground; this command would help ATC inform pilots that they need a clearance before descending altitude on FIR. It would sound like ‘Please wait for clearance before descending’ and would look like the image below:

If implimented, this will teach pilots that they need to descend with a clearance to a direct altitude or through a STAR. Without this, you can’t judge when they will descend and could result in a loss of separation.

Voted. I think pilots got used to descending when they wanted from the pre-center days. This message would be helpful to counteract that.


Ok, but are we not supposed to request descent anyway when center is on? I mean, through a STAR

You must have a clearance to descend via a STAR from the FIR controller.

That is what I said… are’nt we…

You mean a separate request along side the STAR clearance?

No, I meant that we must request descent, so I am not sure what the feature would bring.

It’s a reminder to pilots. Some just descend when they feel like it, without clearance. This is a message that can be used to remind those pilots.


there is already a button for the pilots requesting decent via ***** Star arrival and the atc has to approve it the problem is, is the pilots don’t always do it.

A new day, a new great idea for ATC. claps

I’ll see if I can free up a vote to this

I like the idea! I don’t have any votes but I support this topic!

Btw, just a question, what if center isn’t active and I’ve reached the TOD? Would I descend at my discretion? Also, if this happens and center becomes active, what should I say?

Got my Vote for sure! This Feature would really help Radar Controllers since we have this Feature already for Tower ,Please wait for clearance before taxiing” or ,Please wait for clearance before crossing the runway” I think it’s a cool idea to get this feature for radar too. 👏🏻

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If nobody is online, you can begin your descent without request. If Center comes online, just request a descent via the STAR (or an altitude change if you don’t have a STAR in your FPL), and then keep descending as normal after you’ve been approved (or follow ATC instructions if given).