“Please view the forum for using ATC instructions”

Hello, I have been playing this game for 6 years, however never been a grinder for info nor XP, and still to this day people keep telling me new information I never even knew, which makes me feel stupid. But my main topic is, is that is there a main post I should check out for ATC instructions before I play expert again? I keep getting the same message and I’m just wondering if anyone can send me a link to that post if there is one? Thanks.

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Hi there! Check out this below. This has a bunch of info of how to communicate properly to atc and what commands mean. It should be easy to spot what you are doing wrong with the proper procedures listed below.



Do you get this after a certain command you send?

Such as reporting inbound, or checking into an approach controller?

These handouts are usually given when incorrect procedures or actions are used.

Thanks dude, it should help my question ;)

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I’ve got them for many reasons before, but mainly when I request inbound for landing on the tower frequency

Mainly we send this when a pilot is too high or too far. Typically you should contact tower when your below 10,000ft and within 25nm from the airport. Calling inbound is another tutorial available in the link I provided above.

You have to say inbound for landing (Vectors to airport) inbound for ILS/GPS/Visual (if you were cleared by approach to do one of these approaches, thats what you call into Tower. Your not supposed to say “On Final”. Thats not correctly calling inbound for landing.

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I’m so glad you’re interested in learning more about the proper way to talk with ATC. It’s great to see that you want to improve.

Some great resources to check out:


Maybe read the IFATC manual while you’re at it! You can gain some great insight there.

Also check out the Infinite Flight YT Channel.

The sources above teach you how to be a controller, but explain the meanings of all commands for you to gain a better insight.

Also, check out these helpful topics:

There are some amazing resources here. To find more, check out the #tutorials and #atc categories!

Questions are always welcome.


One last link that should help you :)


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