Please Use System Generated Callsigns if Included in App

As most are aware, aside from a few who are grandfathered in, any callsign spelled out with letters is read out one letter at a time using the phoenetic code.

Please consider this if you are using a callsign for an airline whose callsign is included in the system-generated list.

For example, on Approach, it is agonizing to have Channex read out as Charlie Hotel Alpha November November Echo X-Ray every time, remembering that for every instruction sent which includes this long readout, there’s an ack in return from the pilot.

They may not be “offensive,” but they are a nuisance, especially when in a busy airspace such as the FNF hub and everyone has to continually hear this read out letter by letter delaying the audio each time by a not-insignificant amount of time.

(If you’re having trouble finding ones that aren’t in alphabetical order, like Lindbergh or Endeavor as Delta codeshares, please Google or look through the list. It’s most likely included, as the list is very inclusive.)


HERE HERE! I totally get where you are coming from


Thanks for addressing this because callsigns like YYYYYYYYYY not saying any names take a while to readback and are also annoying.


Great Reminder!

You also want to take in Virtual Airlines. For Example, for Delta Virtual pilots can’t use “Delta xxx” because everyone can use it, and they have to use “DLVA xxx”. For Qatar virtual, it’s the same; “QVA xxx”.

I think virtual airlines deserve a small exception in callsigns.

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VAs aren’t in the list…

So they don’t qualify for “callsigns included in the list.”


DLVA, but yes. 😉


Just to add on to Tim, you’ll find that VA callsigns are not the excessive monstrosities mentioned in his post, most being about 3-4 characters :).


But GA call signs, such as N304BI, are fine, right?

🤔 you are in a VA to emulate an airline so why on earth do you all think you need a special callsign to include VA? What’s wrong with the Delta call sign we have?


VA requirements, can’t search for each other on LiveFlight via the filter, can’t fly and see your friends on the map just by seeing their callsign, ect.


And yet every time I control one of their events I want to blow my brains out when I have to listen to Delta Lima Victor Alpha.


Put it on mute and turn on some Jazz or something my friend, works every time.

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I get annoyed sometimes with IFGAF call signs and their India Foxtrot Golf Alpha Foxtrot Fiver Niner when I’m just at an airport for 30 minutes flight planning.

Wait, I’m wrong. It isn’t IFGAF. It starts with India Foxtrot Sierra Foxtrot Golf…

No man you don’t know how rough IFATC is. Tyler is a slave driver I’m in fear for my life 🤣. Anyway back on topic VA call signs are annoying.

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When’s the last time you controlled one of our events? 🧐 We’re not the only VA with xxVA as our call sign… have you seen BAVA? How about SVA? What about AAVA? You get the idea.


Apparently you missed my comment aye

If you’d like to discuss why 50+ people calling in with the same long annoying callsign drives me nuts feel free to PM me.

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Whats the problem with callsigns

They are all just as annoying as the last

I think some are forgetting the main point of Tim’s post. Might want to re-read the OP before another comment is replied. 🙂#justsayin’