Please tell me

Can someone teach me the order of which to do ATC on expert I need help so I don’t get ghosted.


On the ground it’s

ATIS - Ground - Tower - Departure (if it’s there)

If on approach it’s

Center - ATIS - Approach - Tower - Ground

I mean in which order to do, Flight following, request approach all of that.

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Hey I think this awesome tutorial by @lucaviness will help you:


Oh that.

ATIS is nothing

Ground it’s Pushback - taxi - (Maybe a progressive taxi instruction)

Tower is Takeoff - Frequency Change approve.

Departure is just check in

Center is just check in - request STAR decend (if neeeded)

ATIS is nothing

Approach is approach request

Tower is Landing Clearance - Exit Runway command - maybe a runway crossing

Ground is then taxi to parking

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Take off

Tower Control
ATC Departure Control
Center Control


ATC Approach control
Tower Control
Ground Control



and what to do after approach says expect gps approach do i request approach again when im near?

There isn’t a specific order to communicate with ATC. It all depends on what you want to do and what your flight plan (if you have on) is.

Have a look at the post @Stellar_G linked above. That’s a breakdown of all ATC communications

You’ll expect to be cleared for that approach eventually. Depending on your flight plan, he will probably give you vectors. That’s a prompt for you to get your approach plate briefed

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You request what you want. GPS, ILS, or Visual

I wouldn’t request it again

GPS you mean ILS or Visual approach

ILS the ATC wil instruct you to the ILS runway and with Visual the ATC wil get you to the Airport but wil let you do the approach on you having the airport in sight

After that you contact Tower Control to give you clearance for landing.

The user guide contains useful information on how to communicate with ATC as well as the different approach types, along with other useful resources that you may find useful in your Infinite Flight career!

Check it out:

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