Please tell me #Features

I think I’ve spent enough time in the community, but I still can’t use #features to this day. Who can tell me what else I can do? I tried to be as active as possible, but so far it has not helped :(

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It is very important for me to have #features as I live in Central Asia I would like to request really beautiful liveries and also new 3D airports for infinite flight

Once you reach trust level 2 you will be granted the ability to use the feature category amongst others. Keep liking posts and interacting with the community and you will reach TL2 in no time!

thanks for the tip! but how can i see my “TL”

Also, you can not request 3D airports, just a reminder!

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yes, I understand that, it was said figuratively

Read his stats and you will understand his question.

I’m sorry I don’t know the answer. But I’m sure someone does.

You can see your trust level on the bottom right of your profile. Right now you are a basic user :)

Yeah he’s basic user and wants to move up to member.

Yes. What I’m confused by is he joined way back in 2016 and has are fair number of topics created and a lot read etc. Something about the frequency some criteria. But I don’t know which.


Some of the factors are time sensitive, for example the last 30 days or last year. But it isn’t public what those requirements are I do not think. So just got to keep going and will get there at some point.

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So I’m hoping the OP can get a general target of what he can do.

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Unfortunately they aren’t public so it would really just be a guessing game.

Just keep liking and replying (no spam tho) and im sure you will level up in no time! I got TL2 28 days after joining, and you already have basic user level, so just engage in the community!

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I was wondering if basic to member was a little bit better defined (as compared with member to regular). But again, like you said, I don’t know.

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Hello @Altynbek_Karessov

Right now as mentioned above you are a basic user, as such you cant post in categories like #features. I understand it can be quite frustrating trying to level up, I was there too. The best advice is to keep likeing and posting. See a post you like maybe replay or like it. Did you do an amazing flight, Create a topic about it! soon you bee there. just try to be active and a good member. Make sure to also read the community rules and try to be a good user.
Here are some links you might find useful:

if you really need to make a topic right now, feel free to send me a draft and I can post it for you. :)

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I shared in private messages, thank you very much!

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