Please taxi past the hold short line after landing immediately!

Yeah I guess that’s true.

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Nice observation @mbmhwue148. Hope all of us will avoid stopping before the hold short line :)

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I’m suprised this isn’t basic knowledge, but also if ATC doesn’t issue and exit runway instruction should we still exit? I often don’t relieve one on expert

I always make sure to send them and yes, you definitely should!

Roger dodger, thanks for the clarification :)

(Grafic: FAA “Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” Free;

Solid Taxiway Yellow Line facing you, Stop/Hold, proceed only on clearance from ATC. The Dashed Lines indicate you may pass without interference upon exiting a rwy or on any taxiway. Upon exit from the active one proceeds passed the hold short line (s) then stops short of any intersection or subsequent solid yellow/red marking and contacts ground for taxi instructions.

(Suggest: Pre-Flight in the chocks, Dirty up enroute to active, Hold at the line, Roll expeditiously to line up/wait or launch. On Recovery, Clean up on the active deceleration roll, Expedite to hold. One should be prepared to clear the active expeditiously always. Only rookies dotter. )


Thanks for clearing that up :)

I hate it too when they stop in the middle of the runway & contact you on ground. They just don’t use their heads.


It happens so much that I had to adapt to this mistake made by the pilots and would wait for them to contact ground with the “taxi to parking” command ready to be given just so they vacate the runway quicker.

I always tell to check help because they are clearly not following the instruction "exit runway, contact GRND on the taxiway "

I also do that when they don’t understand the meaning of the command that is already given, however. Thanks dear friend for posting this issue and I beleive it will boost the awareness of users in the future (hope so).

Again thank you very much!

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