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Our team would really appreciate if you could take a few seconds to rate (and review) Infinite Flight in the iOS App Store and/or Google Play Store as it helps us grow and improve Infinite Flight. Even if you rated in the past, make sure to do it after each update.

Many apps interrupt their user with a dialog asking its user to rate it; we decided against this kind of practice, we solely rely on your good will to help make Infinite Flight even more popular so we can bring you more great updates (and free features and content).


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Already did :). Keep up the hard work guys!

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I already did about 1 year ago ;) Keep it up!

I will do it in my spare time if it helps and the new banner system is really helpful!

@Xpheros You need to resubmit after each update:)


Thank you for your support. It is still important to update your review after each release.


My friend bought it so I went on his account and rated it 5 stars and left a positive review :)


It doesnt deserve 5/5
It DESERVE 100/5


Tell 99 of your friends :)


I don’t think I have that many 😭


Already made :)

Just did it!

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“Tell your friends”
Classic dev phrase
Favourite Laura phrase for a looooong time.
Looks like still favourite ;)

I already did about yesterday Keep it up! And thanks for a great job

I can’t do a review, I am in iOS 10 Public Beta 2 :,( But I will do a small review in this fourm though.
Rating: 5/5
Online: 4.5/5
Graphics: 5/5
Airport layout: 4.4/5
Textures (Airports): 4.2/5
Textures (surrounding areas): 3.5/5
Textures (Water): 5/5
Textures (Aircraft): 5/5
Terrain: 4/5
Buildings: 0/5
Handing of A/C: 5/5
Overall rating: 5 out of 5.

The texture around the airport (the landscape) does need some upgrading, but I do understand that it’s not easy texturing things. The game is amazing, I love the multiplayer and how the airports are made with careful details put into places, even though buildings are not present in the game. Overall the game is amazing, Everything runs great, and it’s the best simulator out there for mobile phones!

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At global release dont worry
All your things will got 5/5

Already did!in Italian AS!

I do it every update. I just sent my review off!

P.S: I’m Aviation Geek :)

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I wish I could, but I can’t 😭