Please stopes those kinds of people with ghost

Dear @infinityflight I would like you to stop those kind of people they are ruining the game and we can even flight well and they don’t respect the roule of the game .

Is this on advanced or playground

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Hy @Osman_Mohamed if you don’t want something like that, fly directly on the Advanced Server



Second thing, you should post this on #live

I have moved it for you ;-))

First off, if you want developer’s attention, use the #developer category, when you reach a trust level high enough to start a topic there. Also, this isn’t a reason to contact developers.

Second off, it’s Infinite Flight, and that’s not a username.

Third off, this is a problem we all enounter, even on the Expert server.

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Thanks I’m tired of those kind of people they think they have a 777 so they can do what ever they want

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This kind of behavior is common in training and casual just save up xp and landing times to get grade 3 and fly advanced


That what I was doing going a long distance and get more xp for the grade 3 now I’m great 2 with 8385xp

Touch and goes are a good way to get XP and landings

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Thanks that is what I did these morning and I get 1300 I think

Good it will be worth it eventually :)


I didn’t get anything

Yup dude $$$$

What u did not get all its clear

Didn’t get that either

There is some people they don’t respect rouls

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Max Sez: Stop whining and start using the “Report User” button. It’s a simple process. Pilots police yourself. Also stop comment on this type topic. It serves no useful purpose, your comment are redundant and take up valuable storage space.


How??? Do I do that please explain to me

Not true actually