Please stop the Boeing vs. Airbus posts!

Hey guys,
Recently I have seen an influx of Airbus vs. Boeing posts. Generally these are not constructive topics, but are merely created to bash each company. These topics often lead to trouble, and create unnecessary tension between community members. We are one community. We have one passion. Let’s not have a petty rivalry destroy this!

Thanks for your understanding :)


Here here :)


As far as I’m concerned they are a lot more constructive then a lot of other topics we have and get bombarded with and it’s only going to create tension if you don’t know how to have a meaningful discussion, as for my topic I created I am not biased towards a company as such I just like to share my thoughts and the recent video which was funny to see considering Airbus have never previously bashed Boeing considering they did this earlier on in the year:


I don’t think it’s constructive. It just creates arguments.


There are no arguments whatsoever, if there were the mods would close it. Your idea of an argument is very far from what one is

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Have you not been reading the Boeing and Airbus bashing threads? And like I said before you could have posted that there.

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It’s not a Airbus and Boeing bashing thread it’s me just sharing what was posted on the Airbus YouTube channel and the title was created to give a idea on what the video is about

So post it on the bashing Boeing channel ;)

On my thread I was hoping there wouldn’t be arguing. That clearly and obviously wasn’t going to happen. I may get a mod to close my thread. I agree with you here. Although I originally had a purpose to open my dislike airbus thread, that seems to have changed. So never mind :-)
I apologise for opening that thread because I now realise it was a bad idea and it wasn’t a necessary topic. So I’m sorry :-)

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If you don’t think arguments never happened just look through this guys log of post it sums up what kinda stuff it can come too unfortunately but the mods took care of this user but use it as an example.Anyways as long as no harm is done I don’t see the problem but realistically we all know how the threads turn out .

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@Chatta290 your having an argument on a thread about the subject

Why don’t we say that they are all equal. I don’t understand why people are debating over something that is so small and pointless. Most people around the world have their own opinions. No need to start an argument over an opinion.


Why is there no “I don’t care about the type” option?


Because Ar made the post

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Dude don’t worry about it we all good up sometimes. You’re a man of integrity I can tell. Hope you have a blessed rest of your day. Cheers from Denver.

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I believe everyone has the right to express their thoughts…just keep the conversation in a cordial way and state your thoughts with solid facts.

That was a pretty normal discussion, nothing wrong in my eyes apart from it being slightly off topic and more towards liking Boeing.

@g100m I see your point there however he just lacks the ability to have a meaningful discussion, we shouldn’t all be treated the same because of that.

@GoofierLeek stop saying arguments as it’s NOT an argument, we are disccuing things. Completely different I’m not angry or annoyed you might be but I’m not so it’s not an argument


My point wasn’t too say that we all need to be treated like we’re all gonna act like that, just that something like this can happen have a good day :)


Oh My God. You have to be kidding me, If I see another one of these posts I will…
I couldn’t care less even though it’s telling people to stop, we only need ONE.
ONE, not TWO, not NEGATIVE ONE, just ONE.

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