Please stop doing this TS1 pilots

This is a message to all TS1 pilots and I’m sure everyone has had this problem. I was told to hold short of the runway, (in line for takeoff) and I was stoped at the foot of the runway for at least five minutes. Originally I was the only aircraft then five more show up and five more and so on. The two impatient pilots cut in front of me (by magicly morphing threw my 757) I have images below but Please please please stop doing this


(I am the ups aircraft)

You can’t do anything about the pilots in TS1. If you want a better experience, go on the expert server :) Pilots in the Expert server are more trained and always follow the rules of ATC, so you won’t get this type of experience in Expert. Grade 3 or above you can enter Expert.


Sadly I don’t have the level 3. my suggestion would be if you try to cut threw a plane you either
2.Get ghosted


Fly a small GA plane on an empty airport and make multiple Touch and Goes to rack up tons of XP. You can do this for hours if you really want to grind and get to Grade 3 faster.

I unfortunately can’t do anything about people in TS1 (Most aren’t even on this forum, they’re just random people). Most on this forums are mostly flying on Expert.

I would do what I suggested and make multiple Touch and Goes at a random airport in a small airplane.

I hope you can get to Grade 3 soon :)


I don’t know dude… :/

It looks like some pretty professional stuff is going on in that image. It’s kinda like the planes are making a shady deal.


Like @Daniel_Cerritos grind XP in a GA aircraft these TS complaints useless because most of the people aren’t on the community to see this

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Unfortunately, not much can be done currently about the active incompetent pilots that are flying on the Training Server as of right now…

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I posted photos of nonsense like this earlier today as well. It’s very frustrating especially when doing ATC work on the TS1 Server. Some folks are great and follow commands and then there’s others that do 80kts to a runway that is active without clearance. Don’t forget about the occasional F-18 pilot doing Mach Schnell through the Terminals!