Please stop cutting in line

Almost every time I’m at a controlled airport in the expert server people are cutting in line to take off and the ATC doesn’t seem to care either, even giving clearance to those cutting in line. Can we please all respect each other’s time and not cut the line? Can there be some system implemented to report these users and/or ATC? It’s getting quite frustrating.


Hi @deano1, welcome to the IFC! Great to have you here.

We’re sorry to hear about your experience on the Expert Server under ATC control. Do know that our volunteers of expert controllers go through various training and testing before being allowed to control on the Expert Server.

Cutting in line is certainly not the behaviour we encourage. Everyone should always taxi as a realistic speed for their aircraft, while respecting other pilots and their position in line. Often times - where taxiing through others does not occur - this can be missed by ATC in congested and busy airports. It’s always best to reach out to the controller respectfully to discuss any concerns you have with them. See the topic below for more details regarding that.

See “Clarification and Feedback” for details

All the best, and enjoy your future flights!

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