Please start using common sense when taxiing into a gate.

This is a problem, that I have encountered many times with pilots not knowing the difference in the lines. I think most pilots just don`t use common sense, and just seem to take the realism of the simulator into account. Today I was sitting at my gate when this pilot decided to go ahead a pull up into the B gate next to me when there was obviously no room, and me being in a 737, and him in a 777, he went ahead and just decided to collide with me.
Lets first take a look at the diagram and airport itself.

As we can see in the photo, gates are in close relation to each other. Now, as we take a look at a couple more photos, I want to point out something

In the photos, we can see that the pilot is taxiing on a dashed centerline, and striking my aircraft, while i am parked on a solid centerline. Well, most pilots don`t know the meanings of having a dashed centerline compared to a solid line, so here is the run down.
If you come across a gate that has a dashed centerline and a solid centerline, that typically means that there are two gates, under the same number. ex: “C7” and “C7A”. Typically this dashed centerline intersects with the solid centerline, but not always. Having a dashed centerline means that you are on the centerline for the A, or B gate. “C7” and “C7A” ARE NOT TWO SEPARATE STANDALONE GATES. If you are on the solid centerline this means you are on the centerline for the “main” gate such as “C7”. These markings can be seen at many airports such as Heathrow and many more and is used for parking aircraft of different sizes. Here is a diagram for reference.
These types of gates are usually called “Aircraft Envelopes”. Overall, pilots please use common sense, and happy flying!


Could you reformat this topic. It doesn’t make for easy reading.


Cleaned it up a bit, hope it makes it easier to read.

What server is this ? @CaptAC

Expert Server. Its happened multiple times, ATC has only caught it twice.

Umm that would annoy the **** out of me its really hard to spot if tower and ground are operated by one it’s very hard to have a look at the airfield

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Yeah, especially when it is busy and during peak times.

As ATC there is nothing we can say to tell the aircraft to move as far as I know…

Yeah, i can see the command, “please maintain safe distance from aircraft ahead” being used. One of the IFATC controllers before used this command. Overall though, pilots need to use some common sense, especially on the expert server, because ATC can be busy with other traffic, and we dont need a bunch of baboons taxiing around and into each other.


We are more aware then you think we are, even in high traffic.

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Yes, i know, but again, its the EXPERT server.

I could see a message feature in the future for telling pilots on the ground what to do a way of communicating with atc only if necessary

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Or just park in the correct space.


This needed to be said has happened more and more often. Same with flying into airports on the wrong runway. I understand already being on approach when the METAR changes but not when you are 50 miles out and still going inbound when traffic is announced to be in the other direction.

Honestly, another increase of Expert server requirements is needed. As unpopular as that may sound the topics for issues with lower prepared flyers on Expert server are rising. All signs point to a needed XP and requirement hike on Expert, especially since TS had a hike in requirements to join with the violations. As much as I would like to see Expert be an invite only server, 150,000 XP would be sufficient to curb those who lack knowledge of flying on Expert


Personally i’ve seen a increase of people spawning into each other, then just requesting pushback and pushbacking as if nothing has happened…

If you have mistakenly spawned on top of someone then please exit out and pick a different gate.
I have yet not seen people taxiing into each other though, which is something i’m hearing from you guys here on IFC more frequently.


I wouldn’t say that any other changes to the requirements might actually play a big part, as no matter how much experience they’ve gained through the training server. If they do not have the general knowledge of aviation and how we actually are realists in the Expert server, i can’t help but add that we will continuously see people using “short-cuts” within the expert server as well as not playing it with realism in mind.


I think people have the impresson that they can slowly start getting away with things on the expert server without people noticing ;(

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I wonder what mods and IFATC think about this problem.

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You have to rely on pilots to not be silly and to make use of their common sense. Of course it’s easier said than done. It just depends on how realistic pilots want to be, it’s the same people who taxi fast and are just gernally impatient who would do something like that.


This happened during the FNF to me as well. This is Expert! This guy took about 7 minutes before he despawned. It’s ridiculous.