Please Search before You start new topic

I’m seeing too many duplicate topic’s being written. Please can you search before you start new one. Active members pls post link to old topic rather then explaining all over again. So that way we can keep the home screen fresh. Lot of us visit this forum on phones. We don’t want the home screen getting clogged up with old news.


So much fricking truth here.

It’s not that hard people. When will those ignorant folks learn…

Long live the DC-9!

Sending this back up to the top for those who don’t listen.

Long live the DC-9!

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Yep! Let’s get people to see this, not enough do! :) ;)

And please dont repost a topic because the older one is too old

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Yep Dush! That happens too!

Reposts are something that will happen on any active forum. It is good to remind ppl here and there and we will do that but we have to also accept that mistake happens.

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I agree! I’m the worst person you will ever meet when it comes to mistakes @philippe :) ;)

@BBJMAX 😍 you are so humble.

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Why Thank You Farid! 😍😍
I forgot you could use regular emojis on this forum ✳️🎉👍✈️👽

Bringing this back up! Please do search before posting!