Please reverse Ghost

I just got a ghost at EHAM due to performing acrobatics there after my autopilot randomly disengaged, making my aircraft nose dive into the ground. I was instructed to climb to 10,000ft and thereforeI set my autopilot at VS2000 and climbed to 10,000ft and halfway whilst doing that the incident took place.


Any idea how I could attach my replay file?

Look at logbook and contact controller/mod Also supply replay using the tutorial from one of the topics

Who is the controller who ghosted you? PM him with a link to a replay you would upload to the replay website. Don’t know which one.

This was on the TS.

If it’s TS, that’s a system ghost, I don’t think there is much to do.

It’s a system violation . These are un reversible unless problems with IF.

You basically received a Violation for acrobatics near Airfields or a System Ghost for exceeding the maximum of 5 Violations per session.

The violation was made by the system for doing acrobatics near the airport.

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Then there is not much to do

PM a moderator and attach the replay with

No guarantee this will be reversible though, if it’s pilot error.

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It’s a session ghost. Nothing more. 1 violation is all you get.