Please respect the others and follow the rules

a few minutes ago I was in YSNW doing pattern. I was alone, at one point it appears a 747 (this is already wrong, being a military airport small) I have communicated with UNICOM all the time, then at any moment he knew where I was and what I was doing. despite this while I was on right base him takeoff in the opposite direction, (I assume because it was the nearest). my question is: why have to ruin the experience of others ?? Why don’t follow the rules and respect the others people ? why do not you fly into CASUAL SERVER if you are not able to comply with the rules? Is frustrating and really boring, precisely that all this is happened in EXPERT SERVER.


Although the 747 is clearly in the wrong, remember that two wrongs don’t make a right. Next time extend your downwind leg until the aircraft clears to avoid collision. In my opinion you turned base and final way too soon, your glide slope indicator can attest to that.


,You do not understand the point of this post, I was already there,(my glidescope is like this because i was correcting my position), I was in final when he decided to take off, is the sense that he did not listen to my instructions, would have to hold short and to follow my direction,if i was inbound in 08, WHY HE TAKEOFF FROM 26 instead 08?

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That’s a normal pattern distance. And if he wants to depart and is unsure of which runway is in use - he should ask on unicom. There was nothing wrong with OP’s flying here…