Please report aircraft that are not behaving correctly in ATC Playground

Do you know how to report aircrafts or pilots being abnormal?

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To report simply open map>select aircraft being abnormal and tap report right hand side on your map.
If three or more people reported the aircraft automatically ghosted.

Why am I saying this?

Because there were incident at KNUC few mins ago from this topic is posted that a one Cessna stopped on the runway at KNUC for several minute and unfortunately the system that ghost aircraft which blocking were not worked therefore as a controller I couldn’t allow aircraft to depart nor clear to land because of it.


Yet I, as an ATC can do nothing about it…

Sure you can, even if the command isn’t highlighted, and it says controller rating is to low, press it anyway, it counts…like said above, three or more complaints will catapult them right back into free flight…

Yea I’ve been doing that but why not have a CS:GO type of a voting system where both the ATC and the pilots can vote to kick the player and then there’ll be the number of people who vote and whether the kick is a go or no?

Playground ATC - Use That Report Button! I have already made a very similar post. Not sure if this counts as a duplicate.

I don’t understand why but people. Don’t report people on PG

Many people on PG Don’t report - They support. ._.


Gotta teleport