Please, Read the NOTAM Experts!

I don’t know why things like this are still happening on the Expert server. I myself am a person of realism, and I like things in IF to be as realistic as possible. So it just irks me when there are two NOTAMS over KASE and KEGE in the Denver region, and nobody listens to them. On the Expert server. I really shouldn’t be seeing this, and it needs to stop, because it’s just annoying. Just look at the NOTAM, for the sake of all pilots!

Even earlier today, there were a decent amount of heavies coming into these two airports. Just, stop it.


Don’t they get violations on the expert sever for not paying attention to the notams


You don’t get a violation for violating the NOTAMs, AFAIK.


I think they should be ghosted after 2 minutes for oversized aircraft.


There really should be an automated violation system for NOTAMS and TFR’s.


Your right! especially on Expert!!


I think you’re correct, unfortunately.


There is already too many auto violations.

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I can appreciate that opinion, however the violations in place all serve a good role.

ATC can broadcast “check airport restrictions. Notam will be enforced by ghosting”.
Used that a couple times as KASE approach today and didn’t have to tell anyone their aircraft was too big.


I wasn’t aware that ATC could broadcast that. I think that should take care of the problem pretty well. Unicom would be the only variable left open.

One wishes this were so.

I will say, it’s been getting better.

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Hahaha if everything automatically gave you a violation it wouldn’t be a sim anymore. Nobody is going to come after you for taxiing through the grass too fast at an uncontrolled field or sitting on an uncontrolled airfield’s runway for too long.

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But hey, you try getting some of these folks to understand that if you make everything illegal, then they themselves will be criminals eventually.



I’ve done that before. Ended up using a 2x12x16 to get out hahaha

People complain that there’s not enough enforcement and then end up ghosted a week later. What more do they want?!?

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