Please re-work servers and purposes

I like to do ATC a lot and am currently Grade 2 so I don’t yet have access to the Expert Server. I have every intent to get into the formal ATC program once I hit 40k XP.

I’m really frustrated with the inability to do anything about the people who do not comply with commands and just disregard what is going on. Some people will taxi through a line of 10 planes and takeoff even though there’s a lot going on. People will taxi to the wrong end of the runway (winds) and just refuse to budge from their passionate desire to take off from 7L at LAX. I had someone just recently at PSP call for ILS 31L (RED winds on 31L) and everyone else taking off/landing was using 13R. I told him to go to 13R, he acknowledged, but still landed on 31L. Yes, there are some careless people but I think the system is just setting us up for those kinds of failures. There’s only so much sending 100 OnGuard messages can do.

I think the servers and their purposes should be re-worked as the current setup doesn’t make much sense IMO. Here’s what they should be:

Learning Server:
-No pre-requisites (any level can join)
-Rules not enforced/you can do whatever you want with no XP being docked (example: can go 350 knots at 8,000 and it won’t affect you)
-Do not earn XP but do earn landings and takeoffs
-No reporting
-Intended for people to learn how to fly, practice certain landings, etc.

Training Server:
-Minimum 5 landings and takeoffs, 30 minutes flying time to enter
-ATC available
-Rules ARE enforced, people who do not comply with orders CAN be ghosted by ATCers
-Intended to build up XP

Casual Server:
-Grade 2 required
-ATC available
-Rules ARE enforced, people CAN be ghosted

Expert Server:
-Grade 4 required
-ATC available
-Rules ARE enforced, people CAN be ghosted

Hope this makes sense and is something that will be implemented.


Sorry, causal server is just the training server with violations. I wouldn’t reccomend being ATC unless you have a few friends to report the trolls.

I don’t think that ATC that are not IFATC will be able to ghost anyone.

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I believe this to be true as well. I wouldn’t want a controller that’s not trained and accountable to be able to ghost me for any reason. This would open a huge window for trolls to switch from piloting to controlling in order to ghost users. At least that’s the scenario I see.


Exactly, just imagine if pilots were allowed to ghost other pilots on the Training Server, it would be an absolute disaster.


I think things are fine as they are.

Work your way up to Expert and enjoy the hobby.


Yeah, no wannabe vigilante troupes. That is considered cyber bullying.

Agreed. Flying on Expert is where one can truly experience the fullness that IF has to offer.

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