Please post tutorial about screen sharing setup


I see some people here use tablet +computer + joystick. Could someone please post a tutorial on how to connect tablet to computer to share screens (I think there’s a tutorial on how to connect devices such as joystick and keyboard).

My question though - once you start using joystick + shared screens and stuff, aren’t you better off using as flight sim on the computer? For one, FS runs out of juice when running on a tablet and there’s a number of other limitations. Anyway, genuine question - look forward to your views, and to learning from others how to improve the FS experience.


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Yes I would like to know how to as well

@koukkey What device? Android or IOS? What computer OS?

@IceBlue Yes, android and PC. @Sumith_M thanks had seen this but don’t think it explains the screen sharing part. My understanding is that this is also a basic requirement for live flight connect.

@koukkey Liveflight connect does not require screen-mirroring, but it greatly enhances the experience. Try this article on solutions for android, since I am only familiar with how to do it on IOS :-)

Well I know how to mirror your table/phone on your computer through ios but not Android.

That’s a different matter :)

Connect only handles the joystick/keyboard interactions.

Screen sharing is something some users have done to really take advantage on the bigger screen. I usually just use my joystick with my phone/iPad whilst developing it, no screen sharing :)

Thanks @IceBlue @carmalonso @Captain_Dan - are you saying no one out there has done the screen sharing/mirroring thing on PC? I’ve seen a couple of pics and videos of guys leaving their tablet on the phone, handling planes via joystick, all the while using the computer screen iso the tablet’s.

@carmalonso I thought IF already handles joystick and keyboard interaction.

@koukkey most of us here are on IOS so we don’t know how to do it for android. It’s doable, but you might have to look around a bit.

It does, but Liveflight Connect is a way of getting keyboard and joystick to IF. It’s needed because you can just plug a joystick into an Ios device.

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Oh I see… Thanks for now. I’ll let you know how I get on.

What IceBlue said, all over the network :)

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Ok. Your tips have been really hepful - this is my progress report so far. I installed Vysor like @IceBlue suggested - works pretty well, and there’s very little lag. It connects via a cable between tablet (Samsung Galaxy 8) and the laptop. What’s really neat is that I can use the keyboard commands such as Pushback, breaks, flaps, throttle up/down, etc… I would recommend it to anyone out there. The only (slight) drawback is that I don’t have a joystick (yet), and even when I did, I would need to find an adaptor, such as micro USB OTG cable with sevreral ports so I can connect the tablet and the joystick. As you’ll notice from the below pics, the only drawback is that I can’t seem to make the screen bigger such that it uses all the computer’s screen, but that’s maybe cos I haven’t yet figured out how to do it. In some ways, the space on the right of my computer screen would allow me to run some other applications, so that’s quite nice… I’ll keep testing and report back here.


@koukkey nice :)

Try F11 or Alt+Enter on the full screen front, they are the common commands.

And a pic… The only issue I’m still struggling with is that the screen resolution is actually pretty poor, so not great overall.



… In fact, I understand this is an issue with the app itself. So I’ve experienced with others, such as, which everybody recommends online. Set-up is pretty easy, and one can also control FS via keyboard. Image quality is better, but unfortunately, there’s some lag:

Do users out there such as @carmalonso and others using Mac instead of Android also experience a lag? I’d be interested to know


@carmalonso @matt a quick question - do you reckon I can set-up the following USB card to FS? See also here and pic below


Can’t be guaranteed… If it’s interfaced as a joystick/gamepad it will most likely work though.

So you’re suggesting I just plug it in and try?

Your hardware, not mine - experiment if you’re up to it :)

I can’t give you a definitive answer because I am unfamiliar with the setup.