Please, please, please change the way QANTAS is spoken

Hi guys, this isn’t so much a feature request as it is a very small, slight ‘fixit’. And it has to do with the way IF says the word QANTAS it sounds like KANTAS wich is irritating in the highest order, and a little insulting to an entire national carrier. If you change the audio-script to quantas it will say qantas correctly.

I used to have that spoken correctly in earlier versions when I could have IF read manualy, but since some bourkes out there were making up offensive and ridicculous call signs, that ability has been disabled.

So please keep the ‘text’ Qantas and Qantas Link, but, please, please, please for goodness sakes, change the audio-text to ‘quantas’ and ‘quantas link’.

After all it is just a text to speech fix and could be done in literally one minute.



It’s not just Qantas. Qatari, Quebec, Q


Yeah I hate that also I hate the way it says “pushback”

The way Australians say it is Qantas …


Lol me too I’m sure you can get something to work: push-back or push back or puush back. Heck, just play with it.

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Quantas is how a computer needs to read it for it to sound right. Or a better text to speech program.

Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services (QANTAS) is how you read it.


What os? Android and iOS TTS sound different.

Ok I played around with text to speech and it says pushback correctly when you make it two words like “Push back” instead of pushback. It would be helpful if any developers could insert this solution. I know I’m not supposed to tag them. You should also move this to support I think @Snarling_Raven :)

This all depends on the text to speech engine you have installed.

Fine by me, I guess I could turn it into a feature request by giving us the choice of what TTS voice we have. but I think that might be way toooooo hard to do.


It uses the TTS of your device. So whatever you set that to will be used by IF.

No it doesn’t. Not on ios anyway. Go ahead change your voice and TTS software, you will get the same voice.

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Or it might be my device. Let me check.

Ok. On Android it does.

Then it would be only an iOS issue, correct?

I suppose.

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The TTS is the device function. Basically the app tells it want to say, but the device TTS function pronounces it.
It’s annoying to me as well, but nothing I can do about it.