Please please help!

Device: iPhone XS MAX
Operating system:17.0.03

Hiya guys,

Every time I load up a flight I can pushback,taxi normally but manual flying, it’s like the yoke isn’t mine, it dosent respond to my pull back push down or rotating left to right ? Yet the yoke sort of quivers on its own leading to me not being able to land please help !!

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It sounds like your accelerometer in your device is stuck. Close Infinite Flight and fully power down your device. Reboot the phone and restart IF.


Have done still same have a reply of it

Same here brother
It’s driving me crazy I can fly my aircraft can take off cuz it’s delayed

even after restarting your device?

Yes sir and my device is brand new few months out box no water damage not been dropped or anything

hmm that’s odd. I’ve faced this issue multiple times but a device restart always fixed it.

When you go into Settings → Controls → Control Surfaces do you see the orange axis bars move at all if you pitch your device or roll it right or left to bank?

For example, I’m pitched down and banking left here:

Yep does that it’s like sometimes I have control then sometimes it’s just random game takes over and I have no control AP not engaged, accelerometer is in perfect tact

Did you download the hot fix that was pushed out today? Recommend trying that and seeing if this condition improves with the hot fix.

maybe you have to calibrate your yoke and must put the yoke in the bottom where it shows like alltitute and other stuff just put yoke so you can see your yoke if it pulls up or no and check the back of the plane if its pulling up.

Hiya guys few days later have tried everything and it just switches between me being able to control it for a little time, then it just whatever takes over

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