Please pilots, stay on frequency until you've been told to change and controllers, be patient

I often ATCing Approaches frequency (I like playing with spaces and some sequencing) on the Training Server and often I have to deal with the fact that approaching aircrafts into my controller airfield when they disconnect from my frequency because I’m pretty sure, Tower controllers are spamming them to contact them, while I’m still controlling them even if they are in the runway heading (but not in the localizer). I always call the switch to Tower before they are in the loc, but I can’t really finish my approach vectoring with a “contact tower, thank you, good day” to certain pilots because they switch too early.

So the point is to set a little reminder to everybody who’s reading me, if you can stay on frequency until you’ve told to switch, it can make the things more enjoyable. I know some of you may be pretty new (pilots or ATC) but let’s Make an effort to improve the fun ^^.

Gooday everybody
(and if you need a ATC on training regarding LSGG Geneva airport, DM me)


Unfortunately this carries over to Expert Server too. Definitely a habit that needs to be learned and something that needs to stop carrying over. ATC is there for a reason, especially on Expert Server (no offense haha), and the attitude that they can just ignore them when things don’t go exactly as they wanted needs to stop.

Thanks for this post!


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