Please, No More TS Complaint Threads


Has to be one of the the best things I’ve ever heard 😂😂


@Tim_B you are the voice of reason in the world of insanity. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words, nice to see someone else saying exactly what they think 🙂


Do people get the word TRAINING??? You’re going to have to accept that mistakes will be made but overtime you’ll see them not make that mistake in the future.


Thanks for the laugh.

But more seriously, thank you for this topic.


You really can’t expect the TS server to be so realistically amazing. That’s why it drives me a little crazy when people complain about it. The expert server ain’t even that realistic all the time


You can’t really tell whether one’s trolling or not. I can purposely not tune into the frequency to piss the controller off and pass it of as me being a noob instead of trolling.


There is nothing we can do about it, training server is a dump, don’t go there. That is hardly true and there is something that can be done. If there are threads about it then clearly there is an issue.

It is a training server, so perhaps it should have ATC commands to give training, for example. E.g. if I tell someone to enter right downwind and they enter left downwind, I should be able to tell them that btw, you are on left downwind.

I often fly on training server and it is mostly OK. And after a long day at work I don’t have to watch my back all the time as in expert. I see a lot of grade 4s and 5s there, maybe for the same reason.


I totally agree. Everyone can have their opinions, and it’s like they’re mistaking a training server for an expert server, let alone thinking that like posting a topic about it will change anything.


Very well said @Tim_B. Some of the people on expert are like this. They don’t know Expert behavior yet.
That aside, great topic. We can try to put restrictions on TS, but we can’t control the pilots and the restrictions wouldn’t make much sense.


These threads aren’t what you think they are sometimes, people who can’t PM on the forum are forced to create these topics to question a ghost. I have had very nice PMs with people I have ghosted because those pilots want to learn.


I totally agree, these topics are annoying, but I would also say that these people don’t know any better and may be new to the sim, causing an endless cycle of these topics.


I have to agree with @Tim_B here.

These are the definitions(most relevant ones) of training:

It is a learning step. Bashing TS pilots won’t help in anything really. It is all about practice.

Those of us in te Expert Server got here through practice. You make mistakes along the way(no one is perfect) but at the end you reap the benefits of your patience and practice.


Thank you! We are starting to repeat ourselves here but I think the point has been made.