Please, No More TS Complaint Threads

Seems that every day here at our humble, little forum, we must revisit one particular topic a couple times a day.

I know what you’re thinking “The threads where the pilot was miles away from his tablet but knows for a fact he didn’t deserve those violations?” Nope, not those, although it is so much fun to see the guesses that come pouring in from people even further away from knowing than the pilot himself.

“Okay, then it’s threads asking for the A35…” No! Don’t even finish that sentence!

“Well, then it has to be the ones asking how long 7 days is and is 3 days longer than 7.” Wrong again.

Well, okay…seems we have quite a few fan favorites that pop up every day, but let’s stick with one genre for now:

The pilots-never-listen and controllers-are-not-perfect on the Training Server threads.

It should take everyone all of five minutes of flying on TS to recognize it’s a free-for-all there. Pilots do whatever they please; controllers just kind of hit buttons; they guard the ISS to make sure it tunes into KLAX ground,

We get it. But, it should only take those same five minutes to realize that you aren’t the first person to make this observation. We are all aware of it. We know. Yet every day, two to three new threads admonishing pilots on TS or questioning controllers crops up. The issue is that then begins the cut-and-paste response stream. These threads appear so often that there’s simply nothing new to say on the topic, and the ready-made replies are sufficient to cover virtually anything you could possibly say about the Training Server. And…then it gets said 15 more times in one form or another. Rinse and repeat the next day.

BTW: Trolling requires intent. Malice. Just not knowing the proper way to do something is not trolling.

Again, we get it. Pilots don’t listen, controllers aren’t great. We all understand it.

But there is nothing we can do about it. The very name—Training—implies that there’s, er, learning taking place. Meaning that not everyone there has mastered their craft. That’s why the server exists.

There is no need to open two to three threads every day about this topic. It’s been covered. There is quite literally not a single new word that could be spent on the topic. You can frame it however you want, but the answers will always be the same. So just go back through the hundreds (thousands?) of existing topics that address it, pick one of the pre-fab responses from one of those threads and apply it to your query about the actions of pilots and controllers on the server. I promise your answer is there a thousand times over. We honestly can’t say anything more about it.

(And, why, yes, there are indeed also hundreds of topics on how to quickly gain those XP by doing patterns but not learning how to properly communicate with ATC so you can leave that madhouse as fast as possible, so look those up, too. And if you aren’t too busy, try checking out the tutorials so you don’t have to return after your first flight.)

But, please, no more threads about what TS is like.

An aside:

This is an exclamation mark: !
This is nothing. Not a thing. Does not exist: !!! (see also ???)

An exclamation mark is used in specific circumstances, and sparingly. It is not a substitute for a period. It does not need to end every thread title. The sentence “My name is Tim” is not exclamatory. It isn’t declaring anything of any particular urgency or import. You don’t need an exclamation mark. And no matter how exclamatory the sentence, more than one punctuation mark is not something that exists in the English language. Your 12 year old sister’s text messages are not the basis of the language. Keep that nonsense where it belongs. I don’t think First Grade Grammar is too high a bar to set.


100 percent agreed. Plus, TS is a server for Pilots and ATC to train, and also nobody is perfect.


This is one of the most truthful topics i have read on this forum for a while i 100% agree with you

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Brilliant thread Tim, much needed for this community.


You must though understand that persons make this topics afternoon having bad experience. Allow me explain more. A pilot has a bad experience on the Training Server and makes an account on the community forums, thus not being that ppl make them several times a day. So they cannot know right from wrong. Otherwise, nice topic 👍


While I agree with you, this won’t stop them from popping up. Just like with “wHy DiD i GeT gHoStEd” threads, they will still appear. Many people are impulsive, or don’t want to do research, or just plain don’t understand, we’ve all been there…

End of the day, the threads will still be made.


Nice one!!!1!1!!111 ;)


i agree but train it’s for train and if you want to train you listen at the ATC and you don’t swith off the frequencie , and if the atc want to train he don’t troll people that just the problem to let anyone in ATC

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I agree about complaints.

But we need to discuss about recommendations about TS.

Wrong: There always will be trolls! So let them do everything what they want!
Right thing: How can we get better experience on TS and what shall we do? Let’s think and discuss. We can find a way to reduce the number of trollings etc. We can do brain storm!


exactlyy what we must make

This is an absolutely amazing post. I see so many of these threads each day, it’s rinse and repeat. Open it. See the first reply saying “This is training server and nothing can be done.” I’ve made the replies too.

All in all, I think these threads need to come to a stop. If something could be done, then it would be. I understand they probably won’t, but this is a nice heads up.

Thanks Tim for highlighting this issue! :)


While your at it please make a post that says “Please, no more asking when am i going to become TL*” because i think there more of those post than anything.

Buts that’s not what these threads are.

A calm, reasoned thread with some specific, concrete ideas of how to do this would be fine.

But that describes none of these threads. They are all “here’s a picture of someone guarding me” and nothing else.

I’m perfectly in agreement with your thought here, it’s just that we never see that. Only the other type. (And again, inexperience isn’t trolling. Trolling requires intent and malice.)

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Agreed. Way to many people whining about stuff they see on TS

Complete agree with you there are going to be people who simply don’t understand the commands of ATC, I was the same when I first started. Sometimes when being ATC it’s easier to lets them do what beginners of IF want because they’re still learning.

I already agreed about complaints. And i wanted to make clarify what we need to, and you are at the sampe point, i am at the same point.

The topics which are “omg noob has cutted in my line, look at this noobs” etc will not make things better.

However we need to open topics which have purposes (ex: there are inexperienced or troll gamers on TS. What should we do to keep trolls far from TS and what should we do to help inexperienced users, to advance their skills etc?

If we say; “there will be inexperienced and troll gamers and we have nothing to do!”

This would make a bigger chaos. There always will be something to do and discussing is a key to solve this one. And this discussions should be and can be below one topic. No need for 5.867.984 topics.

I just wanted to make things clear with these words.

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Tim you’re fast becoming my favorite IFC personality

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thank you I totally agree it is just for training!

I think it will be good to talk about an idea for this problem and make only one features and all vote

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No one is perfect on TS. Personally see it everyday but to me now it seems like a normal thing.
If you want to goof off then go to casual where you can do whatever you want. Doing it on training is not worth a violation for anything in my opinion.