Please Make Your Thread Titles Specific to Content

All, obviously, there are going to be a mass of support questions or bug reports in the coming hours and days.

Please ensure that your titles indicate the subject of your thread directly, so that others with the same issue can see that, or search for it (one can dream), and save the staff some time by way of consolidation. They’re overloaded enough as it is without having to answer the same question about the 330 in 20 separate threads.

Thread titles such as “Help!”, “Question”, “Hmmmm”, or “Bug” give no indication as to content. Someone who may be experiencing the same issue cannot read these titles and know that they may contain the answer to their own issue.

On the flip side, before posting a separate thread about the new release, assume you’re not the first and search to see if your question has already been answered (perhaps even by a message pinned to the top of every page in a big blue box).


I think we have had enough reminders of this issue, we don’t need this many topics on something that people get annoyed about and think needs changed, the OP will be told accordingly.

One of these topics is by you in fact…

It goes on.

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Considering the topics we’ve seen lately, a reminder like this can’t hurt :)

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