Please make IF compatible with amazon fire devices!

Hello with new amazon fire 11 tablets being cheap and capable of hq graphic demand in games i really hope you make IF compatible with fire… I really think people would appreciate it.

Hi @Berko360, welcome back. 7 years is quite the break!

Fire devices aren’t officially supported, and likely won’t ever be supported. A lot of them are running 32bit CPUs/ software. Most of the current models have switched to 64bit, but they simply do not have the processing power to run the simulator.

You can always try it yourself. Fire tablets run a heavily skinned version of Android, so do support APK files. There are plenty of guides around that will tell you how to install the Play Store on a Fire tablet, and that should give you the option then to legitimately download the simulator from the store, assuming of course that it’s supported.

It’s worth noting though that the Fire tablet would make up an incredibly small percentage of the current player base, and it honestly wouldn’t be viable to dedicate the time and resources to developing a version specifically for these devices.



Hello dan, Thanks for your response. So i had just bought fire 11 because it damn sure is fast enough to run IF. I installed play store and searched for IF… Cant be downloaded (app is incompatible with tablet). So disappointed! I know IF used to be playable on amazon tablets, i didnt know it was no longer! Anyway, the fire 11 is cheap and fast, its too bad i cant play my favorite sim on it! I still play on my phone, yes ive been a fan of IF for years haha!

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FYI it’s not been supported on Amazon devices since 2017 - if I recall correctly they removed Amazon support when Global was released.

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Yup, we’ve come a long way performance wise in the last few years

Technically no, it hasn’t. There are always workarounds, my trusty old Fire HD6 (2014) could “run” the simulator on global up until the last couple of years.

I’m going to ruin this a little bit for you, but the tablet is mid range at best. It’s using a 3 year old GPU on a midrange CPU, and it’s 3 generations behind on Android support.
It’s not a bad tablet by any means, and I’m sure that it feels blazing fast, but it’s just not powerful enough to keep up with the demands of the simulator. It’s also highly likely that Amazon is running the tablet in 32bit mode, though I wouldn’t like to say for sure.

It’s unfortunate, but having to maintain for a 3rd device type with a very small user base just isn’t going to happen.

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We did have support at some point but discontinued it. The market was too small to justify supporting another store with all the troubles that come with it…

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Haha i hear ya. Im just saying i THINK it could run IF well enough for someone who plays casually and dosent want to spend $500 on a REAL gaming tablet that could run gfx settings on ultra… I could be wrong but i feel this fire could run IF on a medium gfx setting well enough. It does run in 64 bit btw

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