Please look at METAR

Let me tell you in real world it does not work like that all the time. On Tuesday when I flew I tookoff and landed in tailwind(10kts if I remember correctly). Why did ATC not switch back to the normal runway? IDK but sometimes that happens. Like at KLAX they rarely switch runway even if it is in runways 6 and 7 direction.

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It’s because I believe it causes too much of a hassle to get all the aircraft taxiing to a certain area to suddenly turn around, and not practical in some layouts I think.

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I do understand this, but for less confusion with pilots it would help out a little more with no ATC

Usually it is because of a runway use program as defined in FAA JO 7110.65. We always select runway 7 at my facility if the tailwind will not exceed 10kts because of the better equipment on 7L.

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