Please listen to ATC instructions on TS1

I’m sure many people have said this. So, I just had a short ATC session in TS1. And at first, it went well. But when it started to get busy, things went downhill. A couple of people stayed on my frequency, ground, when ENTERING THE RUNWAY. They then asked to taxi. I told them to exit the runway, and also change frequency. Yet the proceed to take off. In real life, you would probably be banned from flying, and might be killed. Just please, listen to instructions. I don’t know if they were trolls, or were begginers. If you are new here, I understand, you may not know procedures. Please, first watch tutorials on the Infinite Flight YT channel, or read up here in the fourms. But if an ATC says this message: You are not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway", do so. You should be able to understand that.


Sorry bud, but this is hopeless. There is nothing you can do, people will always not listen on TS1. Only solution is expert.


Yea, I do get that. The one problem for me is that it take 40,000 xp. Then again, that is to prevent people from messing about on that server.

Unfortunately, this is the odd way that the Training Server seems to function on a somewhat daily basis. If you are looking for a more professional air traffic control experience try applying to be part of the [Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control] (Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting) group.


Give up man,never will happen

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Thats why it is 40,000 XP, to prevent people that ignore ATC and have no experience from joining. Its for serious pilots. It should be a challenge.


Yea. I do get that. It’s good and bad. Mostly good.

I know this may sound strange, but I probably wouldn’t. I did that as more of a casual experience (and I’m also not old enough…). Even though it was a “casual” experience, I still wanted to be serious in the sense that it’s proper.

I guess that is just the way it is then…

I mean, you cant complain. You want better, but you aren’t willing to get better.

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Well, I guess. I couldn’t even join though…

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Saying that, is like talking to a brick wall.


You’re preaching to the choir here buddy. The trick is to get the message to people not a part of the community!

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Yea… that’s really hard though.

It is what it is. :/