Please learn to follow instruction

hello everyone, I wanted to apologize for this minor inconvenience happened to KPSP around 11: 00zt. as you can see from the photos there CEBU in short final, ET563 to which I said HOLD SHORT entered the runway. unfortunately I had no time to call for goaround CEBU because as I said before was now in runway, obviously the ET563 I ghosted, but what I regret is that because of these people unfortunately ruined the my experience and those that fly . please try to follow the instructions above for EXPERT SERVER, if you are not able, there are other two servers to learn … thanks to all and sorry again.
IFATC Specialist MarcelloM


Another one cutting on line all is!


It’s about time people learned what to stop being in such a hurry and take their time and are alert. Nice post.

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People need to learn to relax and chill!!! In real life pilots would not be doing this. And I mean let’s face it people are all about realism right? Well realism isn’t stuck to just buildings and airplanes and global flights, it’s also stuck to following proper procedures.
Thank you for posting this! A much needed wakeup call for many pilots

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