Please Learn How to Use NATs/Other Procedures

Hello IFC,

Now, before I begin my rant, I just want to point out what an amazing feature these NATs are! They are versatile, realistic, and completely reliable…

…Except when users are not educated, don’t bother to become educated, or some combination of both, about using them properly!

Situation: today, I am flying from EDDF-KEWR in a B748 (LH402) and I am using NAT A beginning at Southern Britain to right off the US east coast. In comes a Boeing 757 (United 774) in the opposite direction to me, at the same altitude that I am at, dead-center for a mid-air collision! Now, I am not trying to single anyone out, but I just want to note everyone to please check that you are using the correct NAT. I understand that today, there is only one NAT available to choose from in the sim, however, just because its not there in IF doesn’t mean you can’t get the correct NAT/fixtures from other services like or USE THEM!

The reason I am upset is because IF users and devs work hard to implement/use realistic procedures, only to have the experience ruined by people who do not want to comply. I understand that people have their own preferences for flying and I am 100% in support of independent flight planning. But that also doesn’t mean they can ruin the experience for others who take the time to learn and use procedures correctly. I was midway over the Atlantic, when thankfully, I noticed the inbound B757 and descended to an altitude that is NOT cleared to be flown at on NAT A today. This ruins my realistic procedure because not only was the altitude not approved, but aircraft rarely ever descend on an NAT without ATC clearance.

My proposal is this: please educate yourselves on how to use the procedures correctly so that you don’t ruin other people’s experiences It’s as simple as going to the User Guides right here at IF. Simple.

Please please please take this into consideration the next time you are flying! Thanks, for reading, and happy flying! 😁


Hi there! Whilst we share your wish that people used the features correctly on the expert server, there are many times that they may not apply directly to a flight. Instead of a rant, we’d love to see something such as a tutorial, education post, or perhaps a practice flight to help people learn how to use them!