Please is important question (19.4 ios devices)

If I set the graphics settings to the highest and I make a flight of more than 10 hours on my iPad 2018 on solo the app crashes as online?


YEs that happening to me too.
But this belongs in #support


In solo you crash same ?

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Is your iPad plugged in the whole time?

There’s no point in doing a 10 hour flight with the highest settings. While you’re at cruise the ground looks the same to me regardless of settings. And why in solo? Doesn’t count towards your stats so

Hello there @The_Captain,
have you read this for crashes? Report back when you have tried the steps :)

So if I make the graphics settings at low and anti-alliasing off the app not crash ?

Still a possibility. Just decreases the chance as lower graphics requires less Ram usage

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend that you do ;)

Same here. It’s sooo annoying.

No, you should be completely fine. Keep it on charge though. I believe I have a 2019 iPad and it works fine except the battery life.

I keep mine charging all day non stop works fine it’s apples old 2018 iPad Pro just keep the brightness down

That’s exactly what I’m saying