Please increase the away timeout

Would you please increase the duration of time we can go through other pages/applications while running the infinite flight and the continuous frequency of doing the above? I would need to switch between Infinite Flight and my Flight Plan Briefings from SimBrief to make sure I am at the correct altitude at the right speed and slope, but variantly the IF app shuts down or logs out of the flight, So a 3-4 hour flight goes to waste just because close to T O D or near approach I had to check the charts. I believe many would deal with this problem, especially those following a strict FPL. So, if possible, would you check into the issue and see if there any viable/quick fixes? If so, away durations of 1-2 minutes should solve the problem for what I have experienced.


I don’t think that this is something the devs can control. Might be something to do with the servers.


Why not print the flight plan or look at it on another device?

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