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Hey!! Good morning/afternoon/evening, how you guys doing?❤️ I need y’all help please, ❤️I was flying the Airbus a330-300neo (a free flight) simulating a flight test in Atlanta (KATL) I was flying over 4,000ft and I requested to the Atc (request approach) the ATC never gave me an answer and I was flying to the runway 36L slowly at 230kts behind an a330-300 waiting for the answer, and I was banned, I got a Violation #2, and now I have to wait until 2025 to continue playing, is there something I can do, I’m really addicted to this game fr❤️please help! Thanks in advance.


You need to message appeals:

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Message the appeal team by using the link the person above me sent.

Thanks 🙏❤️

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@Joshy6000 thanks❤️❤️🙏🙏