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What is the takeoff and cruise N1 for the


I don’t even get the n1 😂😔

Same but I think it means how much power the engines are giving

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N1 for every aircraft should never exceed 90% on takeoff. In cruise it’ll vary with your speed.


Was I right about what it means

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N1 is your actual turbine speed measured in a %

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I typically keep it at 85-95% and no higher


Depending on a multitude of factors, your N1 at takeoff will be between 85% and 92%. Again, depending on airport procedures, terrain, aircraft, load etc, after climbing to between 3000ft and 5000ft at around 3000fpm, you will reduce your VS back to approx 2000fpm and N1 will be reduced to somewhere like 66% to 80% (depending on aircraft). Check each aircraft specs, usually there is an N1 amount you set the power to for the climb (also depends on the carriers cost index) and you adjust the VS to hold climb out speeds relevant to your altitude. Definitely shouldn’t be cruising at 80% or higher, more realistically is 60%.

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Hopefully this helps!

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